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We are a nonprofit coalition of public and private health care leaders dedicated to increasing access to health care and building stronger local health care systems.




HIP's Mission is rooted in improvement: of systems, quality, relationships, and access to care. We create opportunities for local healthcare leaders to make our community healthier.

  • We provide a neutral table or platform--a nexus--where leaders can and do convene.

  • We help leaders tee up, focus on, and constructively address issues that are beyond any one organization's capacity or domain, yet affect all of us.

  • We build trust and transparency to make these conversations possible and productive.

  • We seek out and bring transformative ideas and relevant, cutting-edge training to make our community and its residents as healthy as possible.

Continuing Medical Education


HIP-hosted learning sessions to provide educational materials to healthcare providers in Santa Cruz, Monterey and Merced counties Learn more...

HIP Community Forum

The HIP Community Forum events offer a unique chance for the larger community to hear from nationally renowned experts in relation to our County's work in improving the lives of our community. Learn more...

National Health Center Week


Safety net clinic leaders gather to celebrate the progress local health centers have made to provide access in the community and discuss further plans of expansion Learn more...



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